Funoogles is a fresh pair of glasses or sunglasses every day of the week. With a few easy snaps, you can change up the style and color of your frames to match your mood.

Plus, it doesn’t cost much to keep your funoogles fresh. With affordable starter packs and tons of snap-on styles on their way, a fresh new look is right within reach.

You can change up almost every part of your glasses! Swap the color. Thicken the frame. Switch the temples. You can create your own set of glasses every day!

Funoogles doesn’t just give children the ability to choose and interchange the color and style of their glasses. It gives them a way to express creativity, assert individuality and boost self-esteem. Just as importantly, it gives parents an affordable way to keep their kids in fashion.
Bend them, twist them, drop them on the floor. Mistakes happen with glasses and sunglasses. That’s why all funoogles eyewear is made from a flexible TR-90 material. So even if you sit on them by accident, they’ll always snap back to normal.
It all starts at the Base. The Base is a classic, clear-colored design to style as you see fit. All of our snap-on styles attach in some way to the Base. Plus, it’s made from a flexible, TR-90 material.