Our Products

Strawberry Huller by Chef N'
Used to remove strawberry stems in 1 easy step.

Herb Stripper by Chef N'
Used to removed the leaves off of the stems of your herbs.

Fridge Fork by Chef N'
Used to get the pickles out of the jar.  This fork is always attached to the jar.

Garlic Zoom by Chef N'
Mince your garlic quick and easy zooming this gadget across your counter.

Popcorn Popper by Chef N'
Microwave your popcorn with no oil!

FINEX is a small team of Portland based perfectionists dedicated to crafting heirloom quality cookware.
Their work is inspired by the hardworking history of American cast iron and grounded in their belief that cooking should be genuine—an experience you value and share with others. It’s these simple ideals that guide them as they reinvent cast iron cookware with modern design to enhance the life of every cook.
Finex 10" Grill Pan now available at
Karmin's Kitchen Table.